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Fixing the MBTA will take far bolder action than business as usual. Pioneer Institute draws on facts and figures, and the deep expertise of our senior staff, to drive the conversation we need to have right now about how to make the T not only perform acceptably – but to serve Massachusetts residents with excellence. Read our public statement and research, blog commentary, and news coverage related to MBTA operations and fiscal management, pension reform, and service improvements.  Please help us continue to be a leading voice in the public debate about how to fix the T.

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Want to do your own digging into the T? Use our interactive website,, to compare the T to other transit systems across the U.S.


Support our campaign to #FixTheT. As a small non-profit, we depend on the generous support of individuals like you to fund our important research and programs. Pioneer’s research on Massachusetts’ transportation infrastructure and financing seeks to advance reforms that result in reliable, customer-focused service.To continue our work, we need your support.



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