City Spotlights is a new product developed by Pioneer Institute using 16 years of data from its MassEconomixTM and MassAnalysisTM databases.

Pioneer Institute’s City Spotlight Reports focus on Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities. They aim to provide an unbiased, fact-based understanding of current economic, educational, and socioeconomic status for residents, leaders and municipal peers.

Download the first report, on Brockton, Massachusetts, and watch a video introduction from Pioneer researcher Liv Leone. Reports on the other Gateway cities are coming soon!

The City Spotlight Reports are drawn from MassEconomix and MassAnalysis. MassEconomix is Pioneer Institute’s database that uses local, regional, and state data on employment, business, and industry trends to provide users with high-quality, timely data and facilitates an accurate understanding of Massachusetts’ state economy. MassAnalysis allows users to “benchmark” their communities with other districts in the state with a peer identifier tool.

Peer analyses are a salient tool for Massachusetts municipalities and their citizens to gauge their state-wide rankings across numerous metrics. Read the Brockton City Spotlight Report to explore Brockton’s closest peers.

WATCH: Liv Leone Introduces Pioneer’s City Spotlight Series: Brockton

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