End the Blaine Amendments

Religious schools all across America are providing future generations with the high-quality academics and values-based education so many families are seeking.  But not enough parents are able to afford to send their children to these schools. Pioneer Institute believes all children deserve access to these and other non-public academic options, through tax credit scholarships that help meet tuition costs. A June 30, 2020 Supreme Court decision in the Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue case dealt a severe blow to anti-religious legal barriers known as Blaine Amendments, in 37 states, that are blocking these programs. Thanks to the plaintiffs, courageous Montana moms including Kendra Espinoza, who took their fight all the way to the Supreme Court, there’s hope that we can end these Blaine Amendments and help potentially millions of children attend excellent schools. Learn more about policy opportunities and challenges below.