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Why the secrecy? Pioneer Calls for Open Meetings Dealing with Steward’s Impact on Patient Care.

Recently the Healey administration’s Department of Public health (DPH) announced it was hosting five invitation-only virtual meetings with hospitals, community health centers, and others in communities where Steward hospitals are located. The meetings, as described by letters sent by officials and reported in the Boston Globe, will “focus on meeting the needs of the patients and providers in our communities.” Presumably, the focus will be on continuity of patient care in these communities. None of the five meetings about Steward will be open to the public or the media. Both the Massachusetts Hospital Association and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers appear to be joining DPH in co-sponsoring these virtual community meetings. The Globe reports that the “hosts said […]

Industrial Policy Reimaged: Can Government Improve Free Markets

Joe Selvaggi discusses industrial policy, its aspirations and limitations, with CATO Institute Associate Director Colin Grabow, in response to Senator Rubio’s thought piece advocating for a more active role for government in the economy.

39th U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky for National Poetry Month

 Boston University professor, Robert Pinsky discusses his memoir Jersey Breaks: Becoming an American Poet; the enduring influence of sacred texts like the Psalms; and the wide cultural significance of classic poets like Homer and Shakespeare.

A Practically 100% Guaranteed Free Ride

The House wants to transfer $314 million to the MBTA for operations and the governor wants to transfer $254 million. Perhaps those numbers could be made a bit smaller if the MBTA and Keolis do their job: collect fares. Let me hedge. My comments are based on what I observe. I take an express train to Boston three times a week from Framingham. For the most part, fares for Framingham riders are collected. They are for those boarding in West Natick, too. But after the train crosses into Boston, fare collection seems to simply stop. Boston Landing, Lansdowne and Back Bay riders all travel for free as the train ventures east. On the return trip, from what I see, it’s […]

Posting Patient Prices: Transparency Cure for Hospital Blank Checks

Joe Selvaggi interviews entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of, Cynthia Fisher, discussing her research and advocacy for enhanced healthcare price transparency. This initiative has the potential to improve life expectancy and save Americans over a trillion dollars annually.