Pioneer Research Centers

The Center for School Reform seeks more school choice for parents and an accountable system of high-quality public education for all students. The Center’s work builds on Pioneer’s legacy as a leader in the charter public school movement and champion of greater academic rigor in Massachusetts’ schools. Current initiatives promote choice and competition, globally competitive academic standards, and digital learning opportunities.

PioneerPublic seeks limited, accountable government by promoting competitive delivery of public services, elimination of unnecessary regulation, and a focus on core government functions. Current initiatives promote reform of public employee pension and health care liabilities, transportation reform, and government transparency.

PioneerOpportunity seeks to keep Massachusetts competitive by promoting a healthy business climate, transparent regulation and small business creation in urban areas. Current initiatives promote market reforms to reduce the cost of doing business.

PioneerHealth is focused on state-based health care policy reform, affordable, high quality care, and and Medicaid reform.