VIDEO: Reduce Carbon Emissions with Perq!

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In the final video of a new three-part animated series, Pioneer Institute explores how the MBTA’s commuter benefit program called Perq saves you money, lowers your tax burden, and shortens your commute – all while helping the planet.

[ytp_video source=”gBXLd39Rp3I”]

As the video shows, Boston has the worst commuter gridlock in the nation. By using Perq, commuters can help the Bay State fulfill its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2020. Each person who shifts from driving to riding the T decreases Massachusetts’ annual CO2 emissions by 2.6 tons. Companies looking to participate in the program can visit the MBTA’s Perq website:

Read the 2018 Pioneer Institute white paper, “Increasing MBTA Ridership and Revenues with Company Commuter Benefit Programs,” to learn more about the benefits of Perq.

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