Press Releases


Study rates every state’s telehealth laws for patient access and ease of providing services

January 5, 2022/by Editorial Staff

Pioneer Institute Files Amicus Curiae Brief in U.S. Supreme Court School Choice Case

December 8, 2021/by Editorial Staff

The Promise and Challenges of Rare Cancer Treatments

December 6, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Public Statement on Massachusetts High Technology Council’s Challenge to the Graduated Income Tax Ballot Language

November 19, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study: “Millionaire’s Tax” Would Have Far-Reaching Effects on “Pass-Through” Businesses

November 17, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study: Decline in Cardiovascular Health Screenings During COVID-19 Pandemic Poses New Public Health Threat

November 9, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study: Pandemic Pension Bonus Bills Would Cost Billions and Unfairly Favor Highly Compensated Public Employees

October 26, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study Warns that New Hampshire Tax Policies Would Exacerbate Impacts of a Graduated Income Tax

October 7, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Pioneer Applauds MassDOT for Allston Project All At-Grade Plan

September 30, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study: After Years of Steady Increases, Homeschooling Enrollment Rose Dramatically During COVID

September 28, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds SALT Deduction Cap, Graduated Income Tax Will Combine to More Than Double Tax Burden on Some Households

September 27, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Pioneer Institute Statement on the Commonwealth’s Discontinuance of the COVID-19 Weekly Public Health Report

August 13, 2021/by Pioneer Institute

Study Suggests How to Advance Fairness, Predictability of “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” Programs Aimed at Nonprofits

August 10, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Public Statement on Implementation of the Charitable Giving Deduction

August 5, 2021/by Pioneer Institute

Public Statement on the MA Legislature’s Blanket Pension Giveaway

July 26, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study Says Massachusetts Surtax Proposal Could Reduce Taxable Income in the State by Over $2 Billion

June 17, 2021/by Editorial Staff

This Is No Time for a Tax Increase

June 9, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study: Massachusetts Should Retain Additional Healthcare System Flexibility Granted During Pandemic

June 3, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds Deep Flaws in Advocates’ Claims that the Massachusetts Tax Code is Regressive

June 1, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Open Letter: Extend the Term of the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board

May 26, 2021/by Editorial Staff

Study Calls for Better Reporting on Impact of COVID-19 in Eldercare Facilities

May 12, 2021/by Editorial Staff