Alternative Schooling Press Releases

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Press Release: Choice Media, Pioneer Institute, and Ricochet Announce New Education Podcast

September 6, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Tackling equity at Boston’s exam schools

August 5, 2019/by Jim Stergios

The Supreme Court Is Set To Decide Whether Religious Kids Are Allowed A Good Education

July 19, 2019/by Jamie Gass

Pioneer Alert: Supreme Court Will Rule on Highly Significant School Choice Case

June 28, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds Student Growth Percentile Is Unreliable, Limits Access to Charter Public Schools

June 5, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Pioneer Public Statement on Legislative Demise of New Bedford Charter School Deal

June 3, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Nationally Syndicated Columnist George Will Covers Pioneer’s SCOTUS Amicus Brief Topic on School Choice

May 23, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Guglielmo Marconi and the importance of innovation and choice in education

May 1, 2019/by Jamie Gass

Pioneer Institute Files Amicus Brief Urging Supreme Court to Hear School Choice Case

April 29, 2019/by Editorial Staff

State DPH Continues to Deny Private School Students Millions in School Nurse Services

March 20, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study: Financial Impact of Charter Schools Depends on Percentage of Funding Districts Receive from State

February 13, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Public Statement on Alma del Mar Charter School Expansion

January 15, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study: After-School Programs Can Help Improve Flat or Declining Math Achievement

January 9, 2019/by Editorial Staff

New Bedford Mayor Flip-Flops on Charter Support

November 28, 2018/by Editorial Staff

New Book on Massachusetts Charter Public Schools Touts Record of Achievement, Minimal Impact on District Finances

October 16, 2018/by Editorial Staff

A Whale Of An Education Battle Rocks New Bedford

October 8, 2018/by Jamie Gass

Setting a High Bar at Alma del Mar

September 28, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds Declining Student Achievement and Increased Harm to School Choice Since Common Core

September 26, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Join us on Oct. 16 for a Book Release Event: “The Fight for the Best Charter Public Schools in the Nation”

September 20, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds MA Inter-District School Choice Program a Success, but Should Be Updated

May 15, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Study: MA Private & Religious School Students Denied Federally Funded Special Education Services

May 9, 2018/by Editorial Staff