Pioneer and You – Together We Can Fix the T

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Pioneer has been attacked in a recent radio (WBZ, WEEI, and elsewhere) campaign as “shark privatizers.”  The ads falsely claim that Pioneer’s motivation for working on the MBTA crisis is so that our “corporate pals can get their hands on even more of our public facilities.”

Listen to our response:

Help us respond to the Amalgamated Transit Union’s attack with the real story.

Yes, our research has indeed shaped the public debate over a time-limited control board that will need to get the T working in a way that is worthy of our great state.

And the reason we do it is because we know how important reliable transit is to 1.3 million riders, thousands of employers, and the region’s economic and environmental future.  We, like everyone else, depend on it to go to work and to head back home to our families.

We need your help to get the correct story out and set the record straight out on our role in fixing the T.  According to the Boston Herald, the MBTA Carmen’s Union has spent $300,000 on radio ads attacking Governor Baker’s T reform proposals related to binding arbitration and the Pacheco law.

The ability to reform the MBTA–to make sure that we never again live through another winter when the T is out of service for six weeks–is dependent on the voices and the will of real people.

Riders deserve better than self-interested half-truths and doublespeak. We deserve better than the status quo.

Together we can fix the T. Click here to help us get out the real story!

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