Pioneer Institute Public Statement on MBTA Reforms in the Budget

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Last night, the legislature put the public interest ahead of politics by giving the administration and the MBTA’s management a set of tools that can lead to real improvements in service for T riders. Both the House and Senate came under enormous pressure from union lobbyists seeking to maintain the status quo. Yet Speaker DeLeo, Senate President Rosenberg and budget conferees understood that real reform is needed at the T. They deserve our respect and admiration for not giving in to the special interest groups that so vehemently opposed meaningful change.

Pioneer presented legislative leaders last week with a comprehensive analysis of the adverse financial effects of the Pacheco Law at the MBTA, which we are releasing to the public this morning.   This report is just the latest in a long series of reports and recommendations the Institute has provided to fix the MBTA since the collapse in MBTA service this winter, starting with our February 12 public statement calling for the establishment of a control board with enhanced powers.

Pioneer is pleased to have played a constructive role in the analysis of the problems and the articulation of opportunities and strategy to make change for the better possible at the MBTA.  Going forward, everyone’s goal should be a mass transit system that works for its 1.3 million riders — on-time, comfortable, and affordable.