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For two decades, any discussion of transportation in Massachusetts has focused on the Big Dig. Now that Big Dig construction is substantially complete, a backlog of projects awaits. Yet it has been estimated a funding gap of between $15 billion and $19 billion exists just to maintain our current system, absent any projects to expand it.

To properly address the transportation and infrastructure issues facing the Commonwealth, Pioneer asks the following questions:

  • Does the Commonwealth have a strategic vision for an integrated transportation system?
  • If so, what is that vision? If not, what should it be?
  • Are the projects presently under consideration the right projects to help achieve that vision?
  • Does the Commonwealth have the right set of criteria to consider whether to undertake these and future projects?
  • Does the Commonwealth consider future asset maintenance when budgeting a project?
  • Does the Commonwealth have an integrated program for maintaining the assets it already has?


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