MBTA Scorecards: A Work in (Backwards) Progress?

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Three weeks ago the MBTA announced the long-awaited return of comprehensive performance reports. These ‘weekly’ scorecards include on-time performance data for both the commuter rail and the T’s subway system, the first regularly posted data regarding the subway since 2014. The MBTA has expressed that these reports are a work-in-progress and that they will be bolstered in quality and scope over time.

Regaining the public’s trust is a critical part of the MBTA’s mission following disastrous winter performance, and while the new scorecards are a step in the right direction, Pioneer has already noted various ways that they could be improved.

It seems that there is another way to improve the reports: Actually post them!

As a constant watchdog of the MBTA, Pioneer has been keeping a close eye on these reports in order to track their progress towards greater transparency. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any reports since the first, posted on Monday, September 28th.

We called the MBTA to try and get their assistance in locating subsequent reports on their website, but they too were unable to find them. In fact, they weren’t even aware of the existence of the new weekly scorecards! They promised to try and locate the person responsible for creating and posting the reports.

A work in progress indeed.

EDIT: The MBTA has responded with a link to the webpage where the reports can be found, under the Fiscal and Management Control Board’s Meetings and Agendas. It’s a relief that the reports are available online, but they will only increase transparency if they are logically placed on the website and able to be found through a search. The ‘About MBTA’ menu used to have a ‘Scorecard’ tab, it’s time to bring it back.