Accelerating Learning at KIPP

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KIPP Academy Charter School is working hard to ensure that all students have access to high-quality instruction, especially as children everywhere struggle with post-COVID learning recovery. In this video, KIPP Academy Executive Director Nikki Barnes and KIPP Academy Lynn Middle School Principal Jimmy Seter allowed us into their in-depth discussion of the principles, objectives and strategies they use to foster an environment of encouragement, informed guidance, learning growth, and equity.

They discuss the importance of giving feedback to teachers, who in turn provide feedback to students, and how this helps to accelerate learning. They talk about their use of assessments, and the support they provide around them, to ensure their curriculum is aligned, and to provide data to help teachers to reteach kids effectively – not as an arbitrary metric that all must meet, but to help each individual student grow.

They talk about working with other organizations for one-on-one tutoring, and how their faculty and staff are supporting their multi-language learners, who are growing academically at the same rate as native English speakers.

Nikki shares insights into her educational philosophy, which emphasizes student growth and helping all students by lifting up those with the greatest challenges, which she refers to as “designing for the margins,” to reach all students.

Pioneer Institute is pleased to share and promote the success stories of schools such as KIPP, which have been improving outcomes for thousands of students in Massachusetts and beyond. Please share this video with your networks to help spread the word.

About KIPP Academy

KIPP Massachusetts serves approximately 2,200 students in their Lynn (grades K-12) and Boston (grades K-8) districts. To learn more, visit

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