Would you take both sides of the deal?

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One of my secret vices is an addiction to sports radio. And a regular feature of that genre is mindless trade talk — “We should trade David Ortiz and a coupla prospects for Hanley Ramirez/Albert Pujols….”

Of course, if you consider the other party’s point of view, that’s a preposterous idea.

With this in mind, we examine the comments of Lowell School Superintendent Chris Scott. To provide some context, there are discussions in Lowell about what to do with the students in a charter school up there that is facing the possible loss of its charter.

From their trade group web site, it appears that Superintendents don’t like the Charter school funding formula which they view as sending money out of the district. (See Pioneer’s response to that here and here.)

So, how about taking the other side of the deal — take the charter kids back and the tuition too?

Seems Superintendent Scott doesn’t like that either:

Scott added that if the funding per student that is currently directed to the charter school, about $6 million total, were to be redirected to the Lowell district, it would not be adequate to cover the facility, transportation and educational costs of absorbing the students into the system.