Is Steve Grossman That Intimidating?

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Our state will have two downballot constitutional races this year, for Treasurer and Auditor.

The Auditor’s race is attracting candidates — Guy Glodis (just today!), Suzanne Bump, and perhaps one or two more for the Democrats, Mary Connaughton for the Republicans, and Kemal Jain for the Independents.

Meanwhile, Steve Grossman is hanging out there all alone on the Treasurer’s ballot. Are the promise of deep pockets and the whispers of inevitability really stopping others from running? Ask Governor Reilly and Senator Coakley how that worked out. Its not as if Grossman’s 2002 Gubernatorial candidacy was a juggernaut. (Nothing personal against Grossman, I just want a competitive race.)

One challenger has already dropped out and another (Boston City Councillor Steven Murphy) is pondering the race. Surprising that others are not getting into the race sooner.