Wednesday Quick Hits

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  • Burying the lede:
    • State House News has a brief piece on the latest filings for School Building Assistance program. Towards the end, it notes that several of the schools built under the program (when it was administered by the Dep’t of Ed) in western Mass were being used for non-school purposes since the students never materialized to fill the building. So what exactly did we subsidize?
  • We didn’t say it:
    • I enjoyed this quote from a local restaurant bulletin board:

“Ugh. So, I’m attending the American Chemical Society meeting with 1223947928 of my closest friends. Historically, this meeting (along with all the others) was at Hynes, which left you any number of options for lunch/dinner/drinks. But the new convention center is just in a wasteland, as far as I can tell….Can someone recommend… well, ANYTHING closer than South Station for food and/or drinks afterward?”