Thoughts on Tuesday's Election in Boston

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– Boston should take a lot of pride in the quality, depth, and diversity of its at-large city council candidates. Top-to-bottom, this is a serious group, all worthy of consideration, and all seem to have run hard — marching in parades, doorknocking, leafleting.

– Had the pleasure of walking down Centre Street in high-voting Ward 20 this morning at rush hour. There was a literal swarm of city employees — a BTD command center, DPW workers painting lampposts and powerwashing (!?) the sidewalks, street sweepers, construction workers rebuilding the library, and, of course, supervisors for everyone. Must be election season in Boston.

– The Herald threw a curveball into the at-large race. First, they endorsed five candidates (and you can only vote for four). Second, after making four predictable endorsements (of candidates with broad institutional support), they also endorsed Rob Fortes. That may be just enough to push him into the top eight for the general election.

– My neighborhood is a giant-yard-sign battleground for the mayor’s race. In talking with a neighbor who put up a sign for one of the challengers, she explained that the Boston Transportation Department (which had never been to her street in 20 years) had ticketed her street for seven consecutive days after her sign went in.

– We keep wondering in the office why no one is releasing tracking polls. Seems like the Mayor could tamp down the email brouhaha with a show of strength, or one of the challengers could distinguish themselves as the clear alternative with a strong showing. Either certain candidates aren’t doing them or they aren’t very promising for those who are.