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The Globe editorial page has settled into a very even-keel point of view on school reform, embracing accountability, testing, funding, high academic standards, as well as charters and newly proposed readiness schools. They’ve been advocates of positive change.

Editorial pages and news pages are different. Opinions belong on the opinion pages and we could use a little less tilt in the Globe’s day-to-day education reporting. This space has noted the tilt several times in the past (here, here, and here).

A little more knowledge of the history of how Massachusetts went from, on average, having pretty good schools to having the best schools in the country would help improve that reporting. And (small suggestion) on a day when Jamie Vaznis writes

Charter schools, many known for stellar MCAS scores, did not fare much better than their traditional school counterparts. Almost half of the state’s 62 charter schools fell short, failing to demonstrate two consecutive years of adequate improvement in their scores.

he might want to check the website. Take a look at the “Top-scoring schools” on the 8th-grade and 10th-grade MCAS.

8th-grade English
Community Day Charter School, Lawrence
Excel Academy Charter School, East Boston
Hilltown Cooperative Charter School, Haydenville

8th-grade Math
Excel Academy, East Boston
Roxbury Preparatory Charter School, Boston

10th-grade English
Academy of the Pacific Rim, Boston
Boston Preparatory Charter School
*Boston Latin

10th-grade Math
Boston Collegiate Charter School
*Boston Latin
Boston Preparatory Charter School
MATCH (Media and Technology Charter High) School

All charters, except Boston Latin. Isn’t that a story, Jamie V?