School-Based Management: A Practical Path to School District Reform

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A Practical Path to School District Reform Author(s): Cara Stillings Candal — Publication date: 2009-09-29 Category: Education Abstract: Located in the “bicep of Cape Cod,” the Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, is widely considered that area’s economic and municipal hub. Home to a thriving business sector, healthcare facilities, an airport, and a host of other municipal services, many of Cape Cod’s citizens rely upon Barnstable and its seven surrounding villages for economic and cultural prosperity. But Barnstable’s status as a center of activity in the Cape Cod region is only one of the things that make the town unique. In recent years, Barnstable has received state and national recognition for its commitment to financial accountability and responsibility. This commitment has, in turn, enabled the Town of Barnstable to make important and sweeping changes in the way its schools are financed and managed—changes that many in the Commonwealth have come to recognize as worthy of emulation.

School-Based Management