Learning in the Time of COVID-19

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As Pioneer noted earlier this week in The Boston Globe, with the closure of public school buildings, many districts have failed to provide learning alternatives to families and students.  Unfortunately, with few exceptions, the emergency response during the current COVID-19 crisis from public schools amounts to periodic assignments and suggestions of pro forma, online resources.

As a result of the loss of learning, students may miss a third of this academic year.  This will have long-term consequences on students’ academic outcomes and social mobility. We know from emails and phone calls that parents are deeply frustrated with the situation.  We want to help and, while entirely imperfect, we thought that it would be important to share with all the parents and guardians among you two blogs that outline options for high-academic quality reading and math options.

In addition, in case they are useful, please find here links to the current Massachusetts state curriculum frameworks and also to MassCore, the Commonwealth’s de facto (frankly inadequate) curriculum template.

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