Don't Say That – Deval Patrick Edition

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My youngest has the charming habit of responding to my unwelcome comments with a wag of her finger and “Don’t Say That” sternly delivered. With that in mind, I’ll kick off a new feature on this blog.

Today’s example is Governor Deval Patrick in his address to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. In his closing remarks, he relates:

..But I am not motivated by the usual things that motivate people in elected office. I am not motivated by ambition for higher or other office, or by entitlement or powerful connections urging me on. I am motivated by simple gratitude….

At first read, it sounds like a boast about his own virtue, but read it again, its both a boast about his personal character and an indictment of other “people in elected office” and the “usual things that motivate them”.

Governor Patrick’s not just right on the issues; his motivation is morally better than the others.

And he wonders why his relationship with the Legislature is so bad. I wonder what motivates the Speaker and the Senate President (the next two speakers to this same audience)?