Highlights from the 24th Annual Better Government Awards Gala

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Watch video clips below of Pioneer Institute’s 24th Annual Better Government Competition, and read the State House News Service‘s news bulletin entitled “Pioneer on a roll.”  After listing recent policy victories, SHNS noted that:

“Pioneer held its annual Better Government Competition with a focus on criminal justice reform. Ed Davis, former Boston Police Commissioner, gave the keynote address and talked about his transformation from a narcotics cop in Lowell to his discovery of community policing. Few areas of government need more original thinking than the criminal justice system, reversing the just arrest them and lock’em up mentality that has led to the US having 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated population.

The winner of the Better Government Competition?  The implementation of a charter school — within the San Francisco jail system. It has significantly reduced recidivism while providing a new direction to inmates. Charlie Baker, some may remember, was involved with the Pioneer Institute in its earliest days, and as he put it, ‘a long time ago.’ He introduced the festivities last night, noting Pioneer founder Pete Peters ‘knew there was a market out there for ideas. There was a market for thinking differently about things.’ If one day Massachusetts has its own charter school in its prison system, you can thank Pioneer for bringing the idea to the table.”

Ideas from our Better Government Competition have saved taxpayers over $700 million since 1991 and improved the quality of numerous public services.

Want to see highlights from the event?  View some of our favorite moments:

Watch Videos About the Winning Entries:

Read the Compendium of Winning Entries: