Aging In America: Help us ensure a better future for older citizens

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Pioneer Institute’s 2017 Better Government Competition  topic, “Aging in America,” is timely and critical. The older population in the United States and elsewhere is expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades as those in the post-war baby boom generation approach retirement. The population of people 65 and over will double – from 36 million to 72 million – by 2030. The 85-and-older population will also double, from 4.7 million to 9.6 million.

Senior care will likely become an even more pressing social, economic and political issue. While only 15 percent of the U.S. population is over the age of 65, this demographic accounts for half of all health care spending, using resources such as hospital inpatient admissions, residential care facilities, adult day care, hospices, home care, long-term care and nursing homes.

For the 2017 Better Government Competition, Pioneer seeks ideas on how to ensure a better future for aging citizens in Massachusetts and throughout the country by providing more effective and sustainable support systems for older citizens, and leveraging their social capital. Pioneer will identify ideas that will help elderly individuals reliant on government services manage the spiraling cost of personal care. Specific focus areas include: transportation, Medicare, financial planning and companion care through technology, among others.

Please watch our video below and help us spread the word about this year’s contest. Visit our announcement page, where you can share our contest guidelines and learn more about how to enter.

Introducing the 2017 Better Government Competition

For 2017, Pioneer Institute seeks novel ideas to establish effective care and sustainable support systems for the elderly, and to better leverage the social capital of our aging population. We aim to identify and promote those ideas which can ensure a better future for aging citizens in Massachusetts, and the country, through programs for housing, health care and public health as well as unique partnerships between government agencies and care providers. You could win $10,000 for your idea!

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Pioneer Institute’s Better Government Competition is an annual idea contest that attracts the interest of experts and ordinary citizens alike. Since 1991, the Competition has served as a forum that rewards and promotes the nation’s most innovative policy ideas. The Competition grand prize winner receives $10,000; four runners-up receive $1,000 each, and other proposals receive special recognition. Submit your entry by March 20, 2017 at 4:00 PM ET