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American Rescue Plan Gives States Money, Ties Their Hands

For state governments, the good news is that the American Rescue Plan recently signed by President Biden will inject $350 billion into their budgets. The bad news is that it places unwise and possibly unconstitutional limitations on how states can use the money.

A wealth tax, a SCOTUS case, and a likely Mass. exodus

Op-ed in The Boston Globe: A case New Hampshire filed with the US Supreme Court last October against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could have a huge impact on state finances nationwide. It also raises the stakes as the Massachusetts Legislature considers amending the state constitution to eliminate the state’s prohibition against a graduated income tax and to hike taxes on high earners.

Enacting ‘Millionaires’ Taxes’ Will Set Back State Recoveries

Even as countless citizens and businesses are struggling, many state governments are faced with large deficits that hinder their ability to help. As a result, some, such as Massachusetts, are considering raising taxes on high-earners to generate revenue. But in its report, “Connecticut’s Dangerous Game: How the Nation’s Wealthiest State Scared Off Businesses and Worsened Its Financial Crisis,” the Boston-based Pioneer Institute provides a cautionary tale about the dangers of going down the path taken by the Bay State’s neighbor, Connecticut.

Thank Think Tanks: Finding Trustworthy Information in a Partisan Era

Join Host Joe Selvaggi and Pioneer Institute’s executive director Jim Stergios as they discuss think tanks, their role in policy formation, and how they preserve trust and their integrity through independent, mission-guided research.

Contracting with private providers could avert MBTA cuts

In response to a collapse in MBTA service in the winter of 2015, the newly formed Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) set the authority on a course of bold reforms. The COVID-19 pandemic is once again presenting new and significant challenges to T leadership that require a rethinking of how service is delivered to stave off painful service cuts.

Executive branch overreach, blanket orders having harmful effects

At the outset of the pandemic, limited knowledge and the need to mitigate risk understandably led to political overreach. At this point in the disaster response, though, we are far better at distinguishing fact from fiction and policies that have worked from those that have not.

Sensible police reform includes changing ‘qualified immunity’ laws

Even in a time of painful divisions in our country, there is little doubt among people of good faith that what Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers did to George Floyd was criminal. If they are indeed convicted of a felony, how is it that the former officers could very well be immune from civil liability?

With Federal Health Law Facing Repeal, New Book Offers Alternative

U-Turn: America’s Return to State Healthcare Solutions (114…

Op-ed: State should expand METCO

By Cheryl Brown Henderson and Jim Stergios The Boston Globe…

Getting the T Back on Track

The reforms that the Massachusetts Legislature advanced at the…

Press Release: New Book Aims to Make Mass. National Leader in Economic Mobility

Calls for changes in education, healthcare, the delivery of public…

New Report Outlines Massachusetts’ Experience with State Receiverships

Proposes legislation for MBTA emergency control board BOSTON…

WGBH: METCO Matters As Never Before

Six decades ago, the Supreme Court’s unanimous Brown v. Board…

Building the Machine – a review

What is Common Core?  How did it start--and who drove it?  Are…

Watch “Building the Machine,” New Common Core Movie

"Building the Machine" is an excellent primer on the fatal deficiencies…

Video: Setting the Record Straight on Common Core

There is so much misinformation on all sides of the debate on…

Going Beyond in Lawrence, Mass.

Pioneer Institute believes that all kids deserve access to a…

Jim Stergios on Fox & Friends: Common Core lessons politicize classrooms

Jim Stergios discussed political propaganda in Common Core…

Driving Reform: New Study on Real Solutions to Our Transportation Challenges


Countdown to Fiscal Sanity: Meeting the Challenge of the FY10 Budget

Meeting the Challenge of the FY10 Budget Author(s): Jim Stergios…

Massachusetts’ New Economy

Pioneer Executive Director Jim Stergios presents a comprehensive…

Pioneer’s 2013 Agenda: Jim Stergios, Executive Director

Pioneer Institute Executive Director, Jim Stergios, provides…

Hollywood’s in town

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What Would the Founders Say About Common Core?

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alan-singer/what-would-the-founders-s_b_1562689.html Zachary…

Taxachusetts redux

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Why States Should Hop Off the National Standards Bandwagon

http://blog.heritage.org/2012/04/23/why-states-should-hop-off-the-national-standards-bandwagon/ When…

STERGIOS and ARCHAMBAULT: The way forward post-Obamacare

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National Education Standards – A Confidence Game?

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Consider what worked with Romneycare

http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/opinion/commentary/jim-stergios-and-joshua-archambault-consider-what-worked-with-romneycare/article_cde520a3-9336-54dc-8e3c-da202ecd9f8c.html Former…