Video: Setting the Record Straight on Common Core

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There is so much misinformation on all sides of the debate on Common Core national education standards and tests.  In this first of two videos by Pioneer Institute, we seek to set the record straight on three key issues:

  • Was Common Core State Led?
  • Is Common Core Legal?
  • What Will Common Core Cost?


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(A second video we’re releasing next week addresses the academic quality of Common Core and its impact on school choice.)

Pioneer Institute’s leadership in the debate over Common Core is recognized across the country. Pioneer has commissioned the most independent, scholarly research on multiple facets of a policy that will affect the lives of 45 million US schoolchildren. Common Core will affect millions of teachers and educators.  It will ultimately affect parents whose aspirations for their children are rightly focused on the content of their character and the content of their academic preparation for life and work.

There are many who unwittingly share or wilfully promote mistaken ideas about Common Core.  These tend to be individuals or organizations that either have a political agenda (on both the left and the right) or financial self-interest in the advancement of the Common Core standards.  Among the former, there are too many to mention.  Of the latter group, perhaps no individual stands out more than Bill Gates, whose foundation has funded the Common Core’s development and advocacy ($150-175 million), and provided financial inducements to states to implement Common Core.  His recent Op-ed in USA Today highlights the oft-repeated inaccuracies of Common Core proponents.

This 10-minute video draws from multiple research papers and testimony provided around the country by experts in the field.

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