Op-ed: Vote ‘yes’ on Question 2

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This excerpt is from an op-ed published on Oct. 18, 2016 in The Boston Globeauthored by Thomas Birmingham and Mark Roosevelt, co-authors of the 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform Act.

“We included charter public schools in the 1993 law to provide poor parents with the type of educational choice that wealthy parents have always enjoyed. By keeping charter schools outside of school district bureaucracies and establishing a rigorous state-run application process, we hoped to spur innovation and ensure that more children had access to an excellent education.

We now have enough data to conclude that charter schools have exceeded expectations. In our cities, public charter schools consistently close achievement gaps. No wonder more than 32,000 children are on charter school waiting lists. Imagine being one of the parents crushed with disappointment when your child is not selected.” Read more in The Boston Globe.