Where's Martha?

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Its not easy being the Attorney General. You step on too many local officials and you end up like Scott Harshbarger — you might get nominated but everyone sits on their hands when you need them to work for you.

Martha Coakley seemed to have solved that problem through her office’s seeming disinterest in public corruption of high-ranking public officials. During a period that has seen an unprecedented level of indictments and investigations, the US Attorney’s office has done almost all of the heavy lifting.

Now, the Amy Bishop case has captured the headlines and raised serious questions about who among the major players — then-DA no-Congressman Delahunt, Braintree Police, and State Police — was delinquent in their duties.

The Governor asked the State Police to review the matter, which is hardly satisfactory. The Attorney General’s office would be the logical nexus for leadership on the state level on this issue, but nothing has been announced.

In steps…you guessed it…the US Attorney’s office to lead the investigation.