Very Off-Topic Post on Baseball Playoffs

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1) I never thought I would be pining for Jack Buck and Tim McCarver, but can we ban TBS from ever having anything to do with the major league playoffs again? And take your 9 foot lead line with you.

2) I am fully prepared to spend the rest of my life never seeing or hearing about Cal Ripken again. This means you, Chevrolet and TBS. Oh, and let me throw in Brett Favre as well. This means you, Chris Berman, Wrangler, and Peter King.

3) Is it wrong to be reveling in the joint NY agony of Mets and Yankees fans?

4) Plus the apocalyptic nature of the Yankees meltdown in the nasty, bug-infested Cleveland night, with wonderchild Joba utterly losing it…well, that’s icing on the cake.

5) Should the Angels be insulted that Tito brought Gagne in to close out the game? He’s the Sox equivalent of the Chuck Nevitt, the human victory cigar.

6) Back on TBS, did anyone else catch their announcers’ flip-flop on pitchers in Game 3 of Sox-Angels? During the first two innings, Schilling was the hapless nibbler while Weaver was the ace. By the middle of the seventh, Weaver was forgotten and Schilling was the wily veteran.

7) Ok, I’ll stay on TBS — you waste an entire half an inning letting Reggie Miller run his mouth, during a Boston telecast?

8) But you can’t seem to sell enough ads to save us from seeing another (and another, and another) FrankTV promo?

9) What if you held an NLCS and no one cared? The Diamondbacks can’t sell out? Pathetic.

10) And we’ll end with some more Yankees schaudenfraude — we’ve picked on reporter Suzy Waldman once before and we’ll do it again — here’s the clip of her blubbering along with the Yanks coaching staff (good stuff is about 1:45 into the clip) after the final game.