The Thin Blue Line Freezes Out Menino

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UPDATE — As the Herald reports today (and two commenters from the BPPA note below), the inclusion of the EMS Division is a mistake on the part of Yoon campaign.

The EMS Division of the BPPA has not endorsed any mayoral candidate or agreed to serve on any host committee.

If I understand correctly, an overzealous Yoon campaign took the EMS Division’s campaign donation to Yoon in his role as a city councillor to be an endorsement of his mayoral candidacy. In addition, it sounds like the campaign was initially fuzzy on the nature of the event. I invite the commenters below to add additional information if it is relevant.


Mayor Menino has asked all city unions to accept a one year wage freeze. One of the three unions to accept his offer is the EMT Division of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association.

But guess who is the only union appearing on the guest committee for Menino’s mayoral opponent Sam Yoon? Yep, the EMT Division of the BPPA. (sorry, no link available yet).