Support Pioneer on Giving Tuesday

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This holiday season, we thank you for being a part of Pioneer’s community, following our accomplishments, and investing in our work. Through your support, we’re able to turn our dynamic ideas into a reality nationwide.

Today, there’s an even greater opportunity to build on your impact. Today is Giving Tuesday, the biggest day to give back of 2021. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this global day of generosity and supporting the causes you care most about.

Now more than ever, it is a crucial time to support non-partisan, trusted leaders in public policy. Those that gave to Pioneer on Giving Tuesday last year contributed to some of the Institute’s greatest achievements, including:

  • Expanding private school choice in 18 states as a result of the landmark 2020 Espinoza decision in which Pioneer’s amicus brief was cited by Justice Alito in his concurring opinion. Pioneer specifically targeted 10 of those states with its toolkit and Catholic schools book, A Vision of Hope.
  • Culminating on 15 years of Pioneer’s vocational technical education work, Governor Baker announced an additional $18M in funding to support and expand voc-tech efforts across Massachusetts.
  • Publishing a report advising Massachusetts to keep telehealth flexibility and other pandemic healthcare changes, which the Legislature did by removing barriers to practice for over 4,000 physicians.

We’re most excited, though, about what’s to come:

  • Launching an independent 501(c)3 law firm—incubated since 2015 by Pioneer Institute—that is dedicated to moving the needle on issues like school choice that have become “stuck” in this age of polarization.
  • Rebranding our Life Sciences Initiative to rethink the regulatory regimes around the U.S. biotech space to promote the rapid development of life-saving treatments and to ensure patient access.
  • Developing a Khan Academy-style, free, online educational clearinghouse for high quality, curated lessons on the fundamentals of U.S. History and civics that every K-12 student must know in order to become a good, informed citizen, all while empowering parents to take more control over their child’s education.

We’re set up for our most ambitious year to date, and we’d love your support. Help us cross the year-end finish line strong and consider a gift to Pioneer this Giving Tuesday.