So which is it?

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From the Boston Globe of August 9:

Cahill’s sharply worded statement is the most serious political breach to erupt between Patrick and a major Democratic figure since his inauguration in January…. Political insiders say much of the breach between Patrick and Cahill stems from the decision last April by Cahill’s one time top political consultant, Doug Rubin, to join the governor as his chief of staff. The relationship between Rubin and Cahill has been strained as the two offices grapple over several difficult issues…. Yesterday’s public flare-up was sparked when…..

From the Boston Phoenix of August 15:

Cahill has long been closer to Patrick than most in state government — a source in the treasurer’s office says they worked with the administration on a daily basis in developing Patrick’s recent bond proposals. Patrick’s chief of staff, Doug Rubin, used to be deputy treasurer under Cahill. And Patrick’s director of government affairs, Mike Morris, formerly held the same job for Cahill.