Shoot, did I miss Bastille Day?

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First of all, let me just say how proud I am of my fellow Pioneers: eight, now nine, blog posts in a single day. A new Institute record, I do believe.

And let me just also say how honored I am to have inspired two of them, which, I suppose, require me to respond. I was looking forward to posting on the Red Sox’ disappearing lead, but no matter.

My own research had led me to believe the ancient Egyptians invented the tie, but I will defer to my learned colleague. Where we agree is in its modern inception: the court of the Sun King. Where we also agree is Jim’s suspicion of my revolutionary tendencies, but, alas, I am much more Figaro than Robespierre, hovering somewhere between Orwellian acceptance and Luddite rebellion, to paraphrase the great Studs Terkel.

And, finally, a shout out to my colleague Alan Petrillo, who has thus far demonstrated a great deal of restraint – unusual for him – in not posting on my sartorial habits. Also, because he is correct when he points out the danger of a local economy dominated by non-profits. For, if we are all non-profit, who will generate the profit we need to fundraise. Though, conversely, if Newton can hire Graham Gund to design the new North high school while choosing to ignore its public employee healthcare liabilities, for which they expect the state to pick up the tab, why shouldn’t GBH sell a few extra tote bags and, well, bag themselves a Mass Pike monstrosity?

Tomorrow, you get the Sox, giving them one more night before I press the panic button. Right now, they’re down 2-1 in the 7th.