Questionable ties

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From a website providing “the history of the necktie” come several hypotheses re: M. Day’s refusal to provision himself of a necktie:

  • He is anti-Chinese: The first neckties, it seems, date back to the China B.C.
  • He is anti-Croat or anti-French. Per the above-mentioned site:

“The Sun King,” Louis XIV of France, was intrigued and delighted by the colorful silk kerchiefs worn around the necks of Croatian mercenaries. A crack regiment, the soldiers were presented at court around 1660 so the King could thank them for a victory against the Hapsburg Empire… Many experts believe the French word for tie, cravat, is a corruption of “Croat.”

Or he is a revolutionary. Per the same:

In fact, French kings maintained an elite regiment, the Cravate Royale, until the French Revolution of 1789.

Hmm. Let me guess.