Pleading For A Naked Display of Public Power

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Ok, not a typical request from these pages, but the ongoing delays in moving the Fort Point Channel Post Office and General Mail Facility boogle the mind.

Having spent a summer working out of another local GMF, I can assure you there’s no business case to be made for having the facility in this location (that can’t be met by hundreds of other available locations in the city).

The building itself is a constructed in the manner of a giant shed, with no architectural or historical significance. The utility of a 24 hour retail location is clear but, again, could be met by hundreds of alternative locations.

And the potential value of alternative uses are crystal clear — South Station is already overburdened as a rail hub and should be expanded — improving service and capacity of a vital transportation link.

Perhaps the area is just cursed. Those with long memories will recall that a Tufts-related entity was given $14 million back in the nineties to develop a medical research tower over South Station. Whatever the merits of that idea, the 2004 Madrid rail station bombings effectively ended any viability that project had (by demonstrating the potential risks of locating a massive structure directly over a railway facility).

So, given the actors involved — the state, Massport, Mayor Menino, the BRA — can’t someone just get this done?