One of These Pols Is Not Like The Others

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The Phoenix’s David Bernstein trolls through the most recent OCPF filings to figure out who is sitting on a warchest. In the $1m+ plus club are a bunch of the usual suspects — various Congressmen, the LG, etc. — but one name jumps out: State Senator Mark Montigny is sitting on ~$1.2 million. The next closest state legislator is Thomas Petrolati, with less than half that. Curious.

And one other oddity — the LG has close to $1.1m on hand, while Governor Patrick has only $634k. My hunch is that the Gov has other money squirreled away in party-affiliated accounts, so it may be a bit deceiving. Still, gives you an idea of who is working at raising money.

One other caveat: As Bernstein has noted in the past, OCPF filings are tricky things — they get amended or filed late, and candidates can use CDs to shuffle money in and out of accounts.