No more fat to cut

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Watching the Sox-Yankees game last night (the local feed on NESN, not the national feed on ESPN), taxpayers were treated to not one, not two, but three sets of advertisements from state agencies.

The Commonwealth Connector (the universal health coverage people) had a series of ads. Makes some sense — they want to get the word out to folks, given the individual mandate.

Then an ad for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. I always find these in-state ads odd — I’m already here, aren’t I?

Finally, the billboard behind home plate kept showing ““, which I learn this morning is the website for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. And that’s where I absolutely object. Why does a state economic development agency need to advertise at sporting events, particularly to a home audience?

Hey, Lois, where can I find information about the innovation economy and renewable energy technology?

Why don’t you look at that website next to Jorge Posada’s head?