In Defense of Michael Flaherty's Kitchen

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City Councillor Michael Flaherty announced his candidacy for mayor last weekend on youtube.

One peculiar part of the video is the (unintentional) prominence of the KitchenAid standmixer on the counter behind him. I know I was not the only one fixated on this.

Howie Carr jumped on this detail to accuse Flaherty of being uppity and looking to move to the ritzy South Shore at the first opportunity:

I couldn’t take my eyes off that high-end Yuppie KitchenAid mixer on the granite counter behind him – close to $500, would be my guess.

Then you realize: a year from now, that pricey mixer is going to be on an even fancier granite counter – in Duxbury.

I must refute this smear. As the proud owner of the very same mixer, I can report that it was listed for sale at Macy’s in today’s Globe at only $199 (available online for $249.99 plus a $40 gift card.)