Confused by Menino's Inaugural

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He hits the right note early on in the speech:

The right bill for our children increases the charter cap, but also provides turnaround capacity for districts in three places: One, the authority to create in-district charter schools. Two, the flexibility to assign the best teachers where they are needed most. And three, the ability to bypass lengthy arbitration at persistently under-performing schools. It’s this combination — the entire mix — that makes good on the promise of education reform in the first place: to help ignite a transformation within districts and bring innovation to scale.

But then goes on to say:

If real reform wins, we can look to a day with one system of education in Boston. When there will be no wasteful feuding on charter versus pilot versus traditional public.

As someone who believes deeply in school choice and the notion that parents should have a range of options for their children, I find the mayor’s vision of ‘one system’ to be contradictory with his earlier objectives.