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Boston, Massachusetts

Type: Full Time (schedule flexibility available in appropriate situations)

Experience: Mid-level and beyond, including recently retired.

What is PioneerLegal?

PioneerLegal (“PioneerLegal”) is a non-profit, nonpartisan, public interest law firm that through advocacy and litigation promotes inclusive educational and economic opportunity and open, accountable government.  PioneerLegal works to preserve and enhance liberties grounded in the constitutions and civil rights laws of the United States and the individual New England states.

Organized in 2021 by a group of prominent lawyers and business leaders, PioneerLegal is affiliated with The Pioneer Institute, a research foundation based in Boston with a broad public interest mission that embraces reform and innovation in health care, public transit, education, immigration, civil rights and public governance.   Governed by an independent board of directors, PioneerLegal will pursue high impact, cutting-edge cases that advance educational quality and opportunity for all students, especially those in underserved areas, open and accountable government, and enhanced economic opportunity for all, especially lower income and immigrant communities.

Why join PioneerLegal?

For all its rewards, law practice can be narrow and limiting.  PioneerLegal offers attorneys, especially those at the beginning and end of their careers, the opportunity to step outside traditional professional boundaries and to focus on matters infused with a broad, public, intensely human impact.  Attorneys, interns, fellows and staff at PioneerLegal will, through a variety of endeavors, open doors to opportunity for those most in need of it, and open windows on otherwise hidden government practices controlled by special interests.  Working closely with outside pro bono counsel from leading law firms, our attorneys, interns and fellows will deploy and enhance their skills through case identification and development, direction of legal strategy and collaboration with a wide variety of subject matter experts.

Our lawyers will work on cases at every stage of the litigation process, from trial to appeals in state and federal court, and a regular part of our activities will include preparation of amicus briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court (where Pioneer Institute already has a winning track record) and the highest appellate courts throughout New England.  And beyond a steady stream of amicus briefs for submission to trial and appellate courts, we will perform legal and factual research to identify litigation opportunities that align with our mission, with our attorneys developing case proposals for our litigation intake review process.

We are dedicated to developing a close and professional team culture with our board, affiliated pro bono external counsel, like-minded organizations, and our staff.  As we are a public interest law firm, our attorneys also will be encouraged to be active outside the courtroom, including media writing and appearances, and public speaking.  Active membership in state and national bar associations will be supported and encouraged.

What skills and achievements are we looking for?

  • Excellent writing and communication skills;
  • A desire to create real world impact and willingness to push the envelope in strategizing how to win challenging cases;
  • At least 3 years of legal work experience with a minimum of 2 years focused on litigation; also interested in attorneys approaching the end of successful, litigation-focused careers;
  • Good standing in the Massachusetts (and ideally, one or more other New England) bar and admission to practice before the federal courts.
  • Judicial clerkship experience (not required but valued).

How can I apply?

Submit a resume, a cover letter, a 10-page writing sample and, if admitted to practice in past five years, a law school transcript. In your cover letter, be sure to tell us why you are right for PioneerLegal’s special mission and why PioneerLegal is right for you at this point in your career.

What about compensation, benefits, and general perks?

Compensation is commensurate with experience and exceeds many other legal non-profits and comparable government pay scales. PioneerLegal also offers superior benefits including medical, dental, long-term disability, 401K retirement plan and paid leave.  We also offer flexible work-day schedules, including regular work from home and other remote work location opportunities.

Applications should be submitted on or before May 6, 2022, to Mary Connaughton at

PioneerLegal is an equal opportunity employer.