Join us 7/31: “Know-Nothings’ Nativism, Catholic Education, and School Choice”

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In the wake of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling against the constitutionality of Douglas County’s school voucher program, Pioneer Institute is co-sponsoring a breakfast forum on “Know-Nothings’ Nativism, Catholic Education, and School Choice.” Event co-sponsors include Parents Alliance for Catholic Education, Harvard’s Program on Education Policy and Governance, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

The event will feature Dr. Nancy Lusignan Schultz, Salem State University English Professor; Dr. Cara Candal, Senior Fellow, Pioneer Institute; Ambassador Raymond Flynn; Tom Gosnell, President of AFT-MA; and Kathy Mears, Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of Boston. At the event, Dr. Lusignan Schultz will discuss 19th century anti-Catholic bigotry in Massachusetts, which was the basis for Know-Nothing Amendments that block school choice, and Dr. Candal will present the major findings of her new research paper modeling what a school voucher program could look like for Massachusetts cities.

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