Happy New Year from Pioneer Institute

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We hope you are taking time to celebrate and find peace during this season. Thank you for your support for Pioneer, which has helped us stay focused on steering the state’s debate on the pandemic response, and making progress on our key policy objectives. Here’s to a great 2021 for Massachusetts and the country.

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State Roundup: Union Seeks $80M From N.Y. For Health Aides’ Insurance

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No More Know Nothing Laws: School Choice in Massachusetts

Pioneer Institute hosts event with national education reform experts Kevin Chavous and Jay Greene, releases new research on Catholic and Jewish Schools

Learning from Massachusetts’ health-care experiment

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Think tank’s book says Romney not to blame for Obama health law

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Pioneer's new book, The Great Experiment, proposes that the states take the lead in health-care reform, as Massachusetts did in 2006, and that Washington facilitate the transition, rather than try to dictate every move.

Jobless rates rise in most towns, but remain lower than early 2011

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George Will: Laws sometimes serve up lawlessness

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Frank talk on transportation funding

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Those pesky things called laws

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Common Core Standards Will Be Expensive for the States

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Mass. groups land Walton Foundation money

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Want to withdraw from Obama Ed?

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Handwaving away opposition to the national standards

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Four Models of Catholic Schooling in Massachusetts

Author(s): Cara Stillings Candal, Ed.D. — Publication date:…