Happy New Year from Pioneer Institute

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We hope you are taking time to celebrate and find peace during this season. Thank you for your support for Pioneer, which has helped us stay focused on steering the state’s debate on the pandemic response, and making progress on our key policy objectives. Here’s to a great 2021 for Massachusetts and the country.

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Virtual Schools, Actual Learning: Digital Education in America

Pioneer Institute event to feature state and national online education leaders.

A Fair and Cost Effective Tort System for Health Care

New study calls for comprehensive tort reform to address rise in number and average cost of malpractice payouts, and increase in insurance premiums, up by 63% in 2009 since 2001


Companies that are three years old or younger have been the key to creating Massachusetts jobs in the wake of the last two recessions, according to a new study from Pioneer Institute.

Outsourcing Helps Cities and Towns Provide Better Services for Less

New Report Shows Municipalities across the Bay State Can Reduce Costs by 75% and Increase Productivity by Contracting Services