Whatever you do say nothing

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…when you talk about you know what.

The above line is from an old Irish song (full lyrics below), mocking some unspeakable truth that can’t be related in polite company. I thought of it today reading about the travails of John Hynes who had the audacity to say the following, as an explanation for his plan to open a private school as part of a major development in the Seaport:

Unfortunately, 200 to 300 young families leave the city annually because they don’t want to send their kids to private school, can’t get into the public school of choice, or don’t want their 7-year-old spending two hours traveling to a private school, so they move to the suburbs

(Quoted in today’s Steve Bailey Globe column from a Tom Grillo Banker & Tradesman article)

Is this news to anyone? Apparently it is to the mayor and acting superintendent.

I’ll close with the remainder of the song, particularly appropriate for this story:

Whatever you do, say nothing, when you talk about you know what
For if you know who should hear you, you know what you’ll get
They’ll take you off to you know where, for you wouldn’t know how long
So, for you know who’s sake, don’t let anyone hear you singing this song.

You all know what I’m speaking of, when I mention you know what
And I think it’s very dangerous, to even mention that.
For the other ones are always near, although you may not see
And if anyone asks who told you that, please don’t mention me.