COVID-19 Roundup from Pioneer

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As we all settle in to the new normal of working remotely, we recognize the need to stay in touch via phone, video conference, and email now more than ever, to keep each other engaged and in good spirits, and provide resources to help get us through this unprecedented crisis. In the coming weeks, we’ll be checking in to share news articles, best practices, and other useful items of interest. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance, or to share your thoughts, via email:

Our Go-To Sources for COVID-19 Pandemic Updates:

Andrew Mikula, Research Assistant: I’ve been using RoyLab Stats’ livestream on YouTube for Coronavirus updates. This source has everything from real-time updates on the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries by country to cool infographics to news headlines. It also plays a distinctive pulsing sound whenever it adds new information, so it’s ideal for leaving on in the background while you complete other tasks.

Micaela Dawson, Communications Director: I regularly check in with this interactive dashboard from The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Our Picks for Public & Private Sector Best Practices:

Mary Z. Connaughton, Director of Government Transparency: Stop and Shop (and maybe other retailers) are now having senior-only hours to protect the most vulnerable.

Saylor Scheller, Development Assistant: Steward Health Care System announced it will turn Carney Hospital in Dorchester into the first “dedicated care center” in the US to treat patients with COVID-19. The center will provide focused care and will keep emergency rooms and other hospitals operational to continue caring for other patients who are sick.

Jamie Gass, PioneerEducation Director, shares the jam-packed schedule of an innovative charter school in New Hampshire that is keeping kids engaged throughout each day. Read our research on virtual learning.

Our Take On (or Questions About) the COVID-19 Reactions So Far:

Mary Z. Connaughton was quoted in this The Boston Globe story about concerns that our government is becoming less publicly accessible:
“Some government business cannot be postponed indefinitely, and striking a balance between expediency and accountability at this strange moment in time is no easy task. The public should take some solace in knowing that once this crisis is over, the watchdogs among us will put these actions under a microscope to be sure officials acted in the people’s best interest.”

Josh Archambault published an op-ed in Forbes urging our national leaders to “clear the runway” for expanded telehealth.
Read our research on telemedicine.

William Smith, Visiting Fellow in Life Sciences: Fordham professor Charlie Camosy got it right last night when he explained to Tucker Carlson why it is inadvisable to use the Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY) methodology to make healthcare rationing decisions during a pandemic. The reason is simple: QALYs are biased against older Americans.

Read our research on QALYs.

Do YOU have interesting articles to share with us? Please email us, or message us through our social media channels below!