150 Years of Lincoln’s New Birth of Freedom

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation…

The Legacy of Anti-Irish Bigotry Blocks School Choice in the Bay State

Massachusetts is one of most "Catholic" states in the country,…

Wall Street Journal: New Front in Charter Schools

New Front in Charter Schools In Massachusetts, a Pair of Democrats…

Why do district superintendents oppose charter schools?

When you ask that question, the usual answer is something about…

Pioneer Visits Phoenix Charter Academy

Pioneer Institute visited Phoenix Charter Academy in Chelsea,…

Pioneer Visits City on a Hill Charter School

Pioneer Institute visited City on a Hill Charter Public High…

Two new charter schools for City on a Hill

For the past decade and a half, February has served as the…

Preserving Charter School Autonomy in Massachusetts

New study recommends re-establishing an independent state Charter School Office (CSO), raising the statewide charter cap, and providing charter operators with the support they need to start and run a school.

Boston Kids Need Another Brooke Charter School

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s vote…

Give Brockton students a choice

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s…

Bureaucratic teacher evaluations bring no change

Back in April 2011, the Globe editorial page touted "Education…

New Guide to Starting Online Schools

Online or virtual learning is growing rapidly across the United States, but those interested in starting an online school should first define their mission and target audience, because the size and nature of the student body will dictate subsequent decisions, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

Study Calls for Reinstating Passage of U.S. History Test as Graduation Requirement

The Massachusetts Legislature should require the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to reinstate passage of the U.S. history MCAS exam as a high school graduation requirement and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education should provide teachers in grades 6-10 with examples of specific texts that could be assigned to prepare students to read a seminal historical text such as Federalist #10 in grade 11 or 12, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

Low Dropout Rates at Voc-Techs

New Pioneer study finds that greater autonomy is a key to low vocational-technical high school dropout rates

SABIS Charter Lessons from Springfield

MassReportCards.com data show some surprising information about graduation and college attendance rates in Springfield.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Classics? The dickens you say

According to Pioneer Institute research, Shakespeare is one of the very few British writers named in the nationalized English standards adopted by the commonwealth and 45 other states. So, watching “A Christmas Carol” on television may be kids’ only exposure to the magic of Dickens’ characters.

Pioneer’s www.massreportcards.com makes comparing schools a breeze

It’s no surprise to hear that public schools in wealthy communities…

Boston Herald: Give proven providers a fair shot

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education should put politics aside and support a new SABIS-run Brockton charter school.

2013 Ruth & Lovett Peters Fellowship Opportunity

Pioneer Institute is thrilled to announce the second annual Ruth and Lovett Peters Fellowship, an opportunity for a current or recent graduate student with a passionate interest in education policy and strong entrepreneurial and analytic abilities.

“Why Huck Finn Matters: Classic Literature in Schooling” (Sept. 19, 2012)

Pioneer Institute hosted a forum on September 19, 2012 at the…

New Study Suggests Remedies for Common Core Literature Deficit

State and local education policy makers in the 46 states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards should emphasize the literary-historical content that already exists in the standards and add an additional literature-based standard to address Common Core’s lack of literary content.

Huck, Jim and our interest in education

Twain famously noted that the difference between the right…

The Democrats’ Platform on K-12 Education

Here is the Democratic National Platform on K-12 education,…

The GOP Platform on K-12 Education

Here is the Republican platform on K-12 education, taken from…

Waiting for the candidates to debate education

There are many lessons to learn from this year’s two major…

Schools and the conventional wisdoms

Facts are, as John Adams famously noted, “stubborn things.”…

An expert’s view of national standards’ focus on non-fiction texts

(Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times) The Common Core national…

Sunset the Lawrence district school monopoly

One of two kids in the Lawrence Public School system do not…

The right reform path in Lawrence?

There are two issues that matter in K-12 education - what you…

“The Lawrence Reforms and School Choice”Keynote Address

On July 31, 2012, Pioneer held a public forum, “The Lawrence…