12 Reasons to Give to Pioneer Before Midnight

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With the New Year fast approaching, here are 12 reasons to donate to Pioneer before the clock strikes 12:00 and ushers in 2018:

  1. In January, the Institute begins its national release of the documentary film, Big Sacrifices, Big Dreams: Ending America’s Bigoted Education Laws, which recounts the shameful history behind opposition to school choice and the impact on families in states across the union.
  2. In March, Pioneer will release a book sharing the best practices from Massachusetts’ gold-standard charter public school movement with other states.
  3. Pioneer’s examination of the University of Massachusetts’ reckless expansion plans prompted the Baker administration to revamp the decision-making process for state college and university capital projects.
  4. Pioneer is one of the highest-rated charities among the thousands ranked by Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of non-profits, earning 4 out of 4 stars.
  5. PioneerEducation’s multi-year campaign to promote vocational-tech education prompted the state’s commitment to invest $50 million in the infrastructure of these schools.
  6. PioneerEducation’s social media work garnered half a million video views of the teachers, parents and students who make our charter schools excellent.
  7. Pioneer held 17 events big and small, but always informative, including a PioneerLegal reception with recently retired Justice Robert J. Cordy, who shared highlights from his 15-year tenure and thoughts on the future of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
  8. PioneerHealth’s report on Bridgewater State Hospital’s controversial treatment of mental health patients aided in advancing a state overhaul of the troubled facility.
  9. In our March 2017 volume entitled U-Turn: America’s Return to State Healthcare Solutions, PioneerHealth provided Congressional officials with reasonable ways to reform the nation’s healthcare system. (Psst: Rationality does not always win the day!)
  10. A bill on Beacon Hill now includes recommendations from PioneerHealth’s research supporting expanded scope of practice laws for medical professionals to increase access to healthcare and reduce costs.
  11. PioneerPublic led the way on MBTA improvements, spurring changes to the T’s financial management and operations, increasing investment in the core system and reducing the T’s operating budget deficit from $335 million to $30 million.
  12. PioneerPublic’s proposal to link Uber and Lyft’s ridesharing services with the MBTA’s paratransit system resulted in higher customer satisfaction and a two-thirds reduction in costs.

Time is running out to make your tax-deductible year-end contribution. Make a gift today!