Additional Resources: Elevating Liberal Democracy

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  1. Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville  (Author), Harvey C. Mansfield  (Translator) and Delba Winthrop (Translator)
  2. Domestic Manners of the Americans, by Fanny Trollope
  3. American Notes for General Circulation, by Charles Dickens  (Author) and Patricia Ingham (Editor)
  4. The American Commonwealth (2-volume set), by James Bryce  
  5. The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society, by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
  6. Diversity: The Invention of a Concept, by Peter Wood 
  7. Paranoid Style in American Politics, by Richard Hofstadter  
  8. Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students, by Allan Bloom
  9. Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race & Sex in Campus, by Dinesh D’Souza
  10. How to Fight Anti-Semitism, by Bari Weiss
  11. Who Are We: The Challenges to America’s National Identity, by Samuel P. Huntington 
  12. The Bonfire of the Vanities, by Tom Wolfe
  13.  A Bee in the Mouth: Anger in America Now, by Peter Wood  
  14. Education & the Public Trust: The Imperative for Common Purposes, by Edwin J. Delattre
  15. The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race In America, by Shelby Steele
  16. Seeking the North Star: Selected Speeches, by John Silber (Author) and Tom Wolfe (Foreword)
  17. Race And Culture: A World View, by Thomas Sowell  
  18. Signposts in a Strange Land: Essays, by Walker Percy  (Author), Patrick Samway (Introduction)
  19. The Image, a Guide to Pseudo-Events in America, by Daniel J. Boorstin
  20. From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, by Jacques Barzun
  21. Democracy and its Discontents. Reflections on Everyday America, by Daniel J. Boorstin  
  22. The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, by Timothy Snyder  
  23. The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy, by Christopher Lasch
  24. Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, by Richard Hofstadter 
  25. Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, by Isabel Wilkerson   
  26. The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations, by Christopher Lasch 
  27. Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism, by Anne Applebaum 
  28. Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, by J. D. Vance
  29. The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties, by Christopher Caldwell
  30. How to Educate a Citizen: The Power of Shared Knowledge to Unify a Nation, by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.