Archambault to Become Pioneer Senior Fellow, Work on Medicaid Reform Outside MA

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Archambault to Become Senior Fellow at Pioneer Institute and to Work on Medicaid Reform Implementation in States Outside Massachusetts

BOSTON – Pioneer Institute is pleased to announce that Josh Archambault will be transitioning from his current role as director of the Institute’s Center for Healthcare Solutions to status as a senior fellow on healthcare.  Archambault will be taking on new responsibilities as a senior fellow with the Foundation for Government Accountability, working on the implementation of Medicaid reforms in states around the country.

“Josh is an incredible resource – and recognized as such around the country.  This is an important opportunity to expand his ability to focus on other states in the country, where policymakers are willing to go beyond the status quo and bring innovation to Medicaid, ” said Pioneer Executive Director Jim Stergios.  “Josh’s continued role at Pioneer is critical to bringing new thinking to healthcare policy in Massachusetts – a state where healthcare-related expenditures now account for roughly half the budget.”

While director of the Center for Healthcare Solutions, Josh edited and contributed to the Institute’s respected The Great Experiment: The States, The Feds and Your Healthcare, a book featuring chapters from leading experts like Harvard Medical School Dean Jeffrey Flier, the American Enterprise Institute’s Tom Miller and former White House Office of Management and Budget Associate Director Jim Capretta. The Great Experiment was released nationally.

Josh’s work at Pioneer attracted substantial local and national media attention and his opinion pieces have appeared in newspapers from Boston to Honolulu, including hundreds of mentions in prominent news outlets like Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Hill,, Kaiser Health News, The Washington Times, and others.

Under his leadership, the Center also focused on Medicaid reform, state healthcare innovations, and the impact of the federal Affordable Care Act on local businesses and employees.

“I feel fortunate,” Archambault said.  “I look forward to an exciting challenge at the Foundation for Government Accountability, but I intend on making sure that the important thought leadership that Pioneer has developed in healthcare policy continues.  Even while it is slow to embrace consumer-focused change, Massachusetts is an important center for thinking on healthcare -and I intend on pushing fresh new ideas here.”

Recent examples of Pioneer Institute’s recent healthcare policy research includes: New ACA Medicare Payroll Tax Hits Massachusetts, $1.7 Billion Over 10 YearsFirst Do No Harm˜: The Impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act on Massachusetts Medical Device Industry April 2013, and “Impact of the Federal Health Law’s ˜Cadillac Insurance Tax in Massachusetts,” October 2012. All of Pioneer’s healthcare research can be found here.


Pioneer Institute is an independent, non-partisan, privately funded research organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Massachusetts through civic discourse and intellectually rigorous, data-driven public policy solutions based on free market principles, individual liberty and responsibility, and the ideal of effective, limited and accountable government.