Op-ed: Getting to yes on MassHealth

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State leaders need to work together to tackle Medicaid challenge

MASSACHUSETTS HAS A unique culture when it comes to health care.  Over the last quarter century, we have seen the business, provider, payer, consumer, and academic sectors come together to advance reforms aimed at expanding coverage and containing the cost of care.

Whether it was repeal of hospital rate-setting and passing insurance reforms in the 1990s, or the 2006 the passage of Romneycare, or major cost control legislation enacted in 2010 and 2012, stakeholders across the board have had a seat at the table.

Consensus may not be the right goal in all cases, but given the way it has careened from one extreme to the other on health care in recent years, Washington could likely benefit from the modus operandi that has characterized Massachusetts health care reform.

That is, until very recently. Read the rest of this op-ed at CommonWealth Magazine.