Will the Guv hit a homer on charters or more ho-hum

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The Governor is making an announcement on charters. He has taken a lot of heat on his opposition subsequent to the Boston Foundation report that clearly demonstrates their success. The question is whether he will come out and target attention on charters to the urban districts, which we believe should be the compromise, or whether he will come up with an unworkable finance scheme? If the latter, if he underfunds charters, then he is essentially making the argument that we should have a separate and unequal funding stream for charters.

He doesn’t want to do that now, or does he? Remember: Ed reform in 1993 came out of a court case that insisted on a fairer use of funds for all students. After all the flubbing on this issue subsequent to the Boston Foundation report, where the Governor misrepresented the caps, does he really wanted to stake out a position on that?

Let’s hope not. He will get skewered.